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Psychic Readings

Affordable, Accurate, Psychic Readings | Phone, Email, Text, Chat and In Person Psychic Readings. 720-900-9727 Only $40/20 Min

Receive amazing insights on Love, Career or Life Path

6 types of Psychic Readings:
- Tarot Card Readings
- Grand Trio Readings
- Royal Flush Readings
- Clairvoyant Readings
- Automatic Writing Readings
- Astrology Readings
- Medium Readings
- Akashic Records Readings
- Pet Readings
- Tarot Parties (In Person Only)

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Life Coaching

Quantum Life Coaching Sessions with a Life Coach such as Brenda Renee will help you:
- Create or enhance your relationship
- Fulfill your dreams
- Unlock the key to creating wealth
- Get promoted for a Dream Job or Business
- Feel Free and Live Joyfully
Career - Love - Life Path
You may choose between 3 levels of life coaching.
- Individual "Crystal" 1 Session
- "Amethyst" 6 Sessions Save $60
- "Emerald" 12 Sessions. SAVE $360 (BEST OFFER)

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Astrological Charts

- Astrology Personality Chart:
This psychically derived 10-15 page report is specifically tailored for the individual who wants to know more about his/her life.
- Astrology Relationship Chart(Synastry/Composite):
When two people are in a relationship, their two astrology natal charts combine to create a third relationship chart.

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Feng Shui

Feng Shui Consulting with Brenda Renee will help transform your Home or Business into Creating and Attracting Wealth, Love, Abundance, Joy, Happiness, etc. Mystical Empress Feng Shui Consulting will shift the energy in your home or business to match the outcome you are seeking.

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Meet our best psychics for phone psychic readings:

Brenda Renee - Founder of Mystical Empress psychic readings phone

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Call or Text 720.900.9727

Jade - Chinese Astrology Reader

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Call or Text 720.900.9727

Find Out Whatsite logoMystical Empress Is All About

Wondering who the Mystical Empress is? Meet the One and Only Mystical Empress' Brenda Renee.

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Want to know about our approach to services? Review the Mystical Empress approach to services


Sometimes it is time to leave your home. Escape the restrictions of everyday life.
Live the Vacation you Dream of!
Take your relationship to the next level!
Get Married!
Tired of the old life and ready for new adventures?
Begin a new path!
Rise above all obstacles and Fly like an Eagle
Explore new heights
Tired of feeling stuck and ready to unlock the vault to all your monetary needs?
Discover the key to your Financial Freedom

What Do You Dream?

10353388_264680547037373_5363046786646688163_oTell Mystical Empress' Brenda Renee your dreams, and she will guide you toward the fulfillment of those dreams through Psychic Readings, Quantum Life Coaching, Astrological Charts and/or Feng Shui Consulting !

Do you...

 feel blocked by some unseen force that prevents you from reaching your goals & dreams? Are you seeking a soul mate relationship?  Does your work feel empty and meaningless?  Are you feeling a soul desire to create a brand new life?

If you answered "yes" to these questions, Mystical Empress Life Coaching, Astrology, Feng Shui, and/or Psychic Readings may provide the answers that you've been seeking!

Because Mystical Empress understands the frustration and heartbreak of blocked dreams, she is passionately committed to teaching clients the self empowerment of  energy manifesting techniques.  By partnering with Mystical Empress, you will:

  - Receive on-going, powerful spiritual guidance in Quantum Life Coaching
- Learn practical, easy applications of Quantum Physics and Law of Attraction
- Resolve obstacles and shift into new realities
- Unravel beliefs, promote talents and unify soul intention Quantum Astrology Chart Analysis
- Replace outdated mental patterns and resurrect positive  brain neuronet connections
- Co-create your powerful, personalized Quantum Flight Map plan of action
- Integrate deeper awareness of quantum shifting in Quantum Workshops
- Channel Soul Guidance through Quantum Psychic Readings
- Energize and magnetize your environment with Quantum Feng Shui
- Incubate your dreams in a safe, supportive space.

- Affordable, accurate, phone psychic readings using empath, clairvoyant, tarot card, astrology, & numerology skills

- Travel swiftly toward the manifestation of your dreams!
logowithouttextMystical Empress inspires positive expectation!!

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My husband and I have been doing couple life coaching with Mystical Empress and I can not sing my praises enough. I have...

Posted by Michelle Hill Masters on Sunday, October 4, 2015

Mystical Empress is amazing! Brenda is by far one of the most connected, caring, beautiful souls I've had the privilege of meeting. Looking forward to the Mystical Empress Halloween reading event!

Posted by Kendra Johnson on Saturday, October 24, 2015

Mystical Empress us very helpful and insightful during sessions. She takes the time to explain and make clear connections with her clients. Much love and thankfulness to her!!!!

Posted by Chris Ryan on Wednesday, November 25, 2015

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