About Mystical Empress 

The Mystical Empress Approach to Personal Growth with Shamanism, Quantum Life Coaching, Psychic Readings, Astrological Charts   and Feng Shui Consultations

What She Does
Mystical Empress, Charis Farfalla creates a holistic, spiritual approach to your dreams by personalizing her: Shamanic Healing, Quantum Life Coaching sessions, Akashic Record Readings, Psychic Readings, Astrological Charts and Feng Shui Consultations to your specific personal growth needs. She shows you how easy it is to blend Quantum Shifting and Law of Attraction to move swiftly toward your dreams! Charis Farfalla brings her joy for life and creativity to guide teenagers and adults in creating their own unique life expression. Each person's individuality is supported in a fun and magical experience of learning.  Each life path is honored and guided to its fullest potential..

What She Offers

As energy flows down a certain path, it will create a predictable outcome.  Once that energy is redirected, however, a new path opens up with different outcomes.  As a skilled psychic, Charis can interpret a person’s energy field and then reveal possible future outcomes.  However, she's not satisfied with making static predictions.  Her work doesn’t stop with predictions because she deeply desires to empower people in the knowledge of creating their own realities.

In Mystical Empress psychic readings, Charis's focus is to:

- interpret the client’s current energy field
- reveal possible blocks
- discuss possible outcomes
- offer guidance to redirect energy toward the desired manifestation, IF the client prefers a different outcome.


Pre Teen  & Teen Clients
A naturally healthy, secure and confident adult emerges from a foundation of positive childhood experiences.  Pre-Teen & Teen years offer a bridge between childhood and adulthood.  It is the time of life that we test our wings to see if they are strong enough to carry us.  Peer pressure, hormonal surges, and dating can make our path confusing and scary.  At Mystical Empress, pre-adults are guided through potential briar patches and given quantum creative tools for developing healthy boundaries and strong self esteem.


Adult Clients
In adulthood, we seek positive expressions of material, emotional, and spiritual growth.  However, changing life conditions and left-over childhood traumas may leave us feeling blocked and blind to alternative solutions and pathways.  We offer quantum shifting and specific law of attraction techniques to remove your stumbling blocks and magnetize your dreams!

Meet Charis Farfalla
A true Renaissance Woman, Charis Farfalla weaves art, myth, & magic into a whimsical world of dreams come true.  She holds a Bachelor's of Liberal Arts, a Masters in Metaphysics, and professional Feng Shui certification. She's spent 16 years in private consulting & teaching and 20+ years refining and mastering her skills.  Her greatest experience has come from her own self discovery and life path. Charis Farfalla is a powerful spiritual guide on your journey toward self discovery!

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