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EZ Chinese Wishing Tree
6-8 Gold Branches
15 Chinese New Year Red Envelopes
15 written wishes for New Year
Red or Chinese style vase
Stuff and seal each envelope with
a wish.  Poke holes through the corners
of each envelope, attach Christmas
tree ornament wire holders (these things
are miracle workers), to each envelope and hang.
At Chinese New Year, burn the envelopes.


Air dry clay sculpted ornaments and grass base;
floral wire twisted for trunk, Easter pot for


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Myth of the Golden Eagle: Golden Eagles fly into the sun when
they grow old, then they plunge into water, dipping themselves
3x and are reborn



EZ Chinese New Year Decoration:
3 Red Chinese Envelopes, Gold Ribbon,
Red Ribbon, Hot Glue
Glue the envelopes evenly spaced on
the gold ribbon.  Tie a red bow at the top
of the ribbon for hanging.


Tarot Star Card Winter Solstice 
made of air dry clay


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Witch's Apothecary: Old medicine recycle from Goodwill.
Black base chalk paint, then orange & yellow acrylics.
Used black marker for fine details.





A Day of the Dead Altar for Beth: Old washboard found at Goodwill, painted and then decorated
with memorabilia of Beth's.  for complete instructions see Mystical Empress YouTube Video>


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3 large cardboard boxes, (For dragon,
Chinese disks and pagoda)
black, red, pink, yellow, turquoise paints
& brushes, gold glitter, 1 sheet of stiff
paper, 3 wooden dowels, 3 milk jugs, red
ribbon, hot glue, bag of concrete. Cut down
creases on one side of boxes to extend them to their
fullest length. Pencil on your design.
Cut out the cardboard designs.  Paint, glitter.
For Chinese Red Disks:
Paint dowels black; hot glue round painted disks to dowels.
Cut out small round circles for Chinese Coins,
paint gold.  Draw small black squares inside of
gold circles. Glue to red ribbon and glue to back of
your large round disks so that they hang. Next, cut out
a hole on the side of your milk jugs, (see picture),
fill with enough concrete to make a nice sturdy stand,
I did about 4", mix in some water, (not too soupy or will
take longer to dry).  Stick your dowel down in the opening
at the top of your jugs.  Let dry.  Afterward, cut away the
top half of the milk jug, leaving just enough to enclose the
concrete pad.  These attractive signs can be used on your
front porch or inside your home.

All 3 projects total about $10


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Winter Solstice Wedding Dress:
White Vintage dress found on EBAY,
Watercolor painted and floral decoration
added. For more details see blog:



Imbolc Goddess Crown: floral wire base,
masking tape covering wire painted silver,
variety of winter floral decorations.