Quantum Astrological Charts

untitled (3) Quantum Astrology Charts go far beyond daily horoscope predictions.  Uniquely personalized charts reveal the energetic imprint of an individual or relationship.  Points of harmony and areas of contention are reviewed in light of the client's core intentions. As the energy is interpreted, specific techniques are offered to untangle energy blockage and amplify energy flow toward desired goals .  Astrology has been a core passion of Charis's since she was a teenager.  

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Astrology Natal Chart

 This chart is specifically tailored for the individual who wants to know more about his/her life. Clients asking: "Why am I here; what career should I be cultivating; I feel directionless; what should I do with my life; what is my soul purpose;" can all be easily answered with a natal chart interpretation.

  Each Astrology chart is thoroughly examined for: early  foundational beliefs (how parental relationships have shaped you); ideal money & career direction; love life (dating & marriage), home and family (children); special talents, soul purpose for being here; past life tendencies, inhibiting blocks, focal energy points, and *NEW* sensitive health areas. Recommendations are made to help quantum shift blocked energy.  $110

Please include DOB, time of birth, and birth location.


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astrologychart1 Visually, astrology charts are circular graphs divided into 12 houses.  Each house describes a different life area. 10 planets fall within these houses.  With the placement of these planets, multiple communication lines interpret harmonious or discordant communications between each planet.  This is where we discover artificial obstacles blocking the client's personality, life and relationships.

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Astrology Relationship Chart(Synastry/Composite)

When two people are in a relationship, their two astrology natal charts combine to create a third relationship chart.  This relationship Astrology analysis reflects the couple's signature style, their harmonious and discordant areas, and the energy focus of the relationship. During the interpretation, guidance is offered on how to co-create around disharmony and blossom into a fully connected vortex relationship. Please allow 2-3 days for your Astrology chart to be fully interpreted.  $220

This chart reveals:

  • Emotional Compatability
  • Past Life Interactions
  • Soul Mates
  • Co Habitation Harmony

Please include for each person: DOB, time of birth, and birth location.


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Electional Astrology

brenda and I In astrology work, we create event charts, called electional charts, to plan the successful evolution of an event, such as a wedding or business opening. In these charts, the astrologer is looking for specific planets, signs, and aspects that suitably match the intention of the event.

 A wedding is about love, compatibility, and longevity. Thus, the planet of love & harmony, Venus, is a focal planet and fixed, solidly rooted, signs are chosen. With the Moon as the symbol of the event, she also weighs in quite heavily.   In wedding charts, Charis brings in multiple approaches: astrology, numerology, moon phases, and traditional beliefs.  

astro1 A business chart is about profits, customers, longevity & reputation.  As with all electional charts, the Moon plays a major role.  Additionally, planets that define the type of business will play key roles. A car dealership would involve Mercury, as the planet governs sales and transportation.  An internet driven business will involve positive aspects to Uranus, planet of technology.  In her business charts, Charis combines astrology, numerology, and moon phases.

 To order a wedding or business electional chart, please supply 3 possible dates or months.  Charis will refine for optimal planetary cycles, moon phases, days of the week, month, time, and numerology.  If none of your chosen times are auspicious, she will advise a new time that she's  found to be more conducive to your intentions.

Price: $200 (Give a week lead time to complete this chart)

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