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Charis's Biography

From my earliest memories, I was always empathic in sensing people and environmental energies.

10353388_264680547037373_5363046786646688163_o No one understood my extreme sensitivity; they just knew that I cried all the time.  When asked what was bothering me, I’d reply, “I’m nervous.”  Although I was adopted, I found out that my maternal grandmother was born on a Cherokee reservation, which explained my natural gifts of healing and working with the natural world. Eventually, I learned what it meant to be psychically sensitive and empathic.

 Early in life, I found an overwhelming compulsion to understand & help people.  This drive took me down the path of spirituality and metaphysics.  I extensively studied psychology, shamanism, world religions, astrology, numerology, tarot, & feng shui.  I lived in the rural South at a time when the internet was not yet practical or popular. Thus, my intense desire pushed me to learn (rather remember), the skills that I had developed in many past lives.   I became self- taught through intense desire plus  introspective work and voracious studying of metaphysical subjects.  Eventually, I returned for more formal training and earned my Master’s degree in Metaphysics @ AIHT, certification in Feng Shui @Western School of Feng Shui, studied shamanism through Foundation for Shamanic Studies, as well as with individual Native American Shamans, received certification in Theta Healing and Akashic Record Readings.  To perform spiritual healings, I became a licensed minister.

10702228_10152756197293832_6087493753290540510_n As I studied, I kept looking for the bottom line.   I sensed there was an invisible, magical world that offers us the ability to manifest our deepest dreams.  So many concepts resonated within me as truth, but they came without a scientific explanation.  I studied law of attraction, initially through Jane Roberts & Seth, then with Abraham Hicks.  However, as the principles were presented, they left a lot of open ended questions.  Then it happened!  I watched the indie documentary "What the Bleep Do We Know, Down the Rabbit Hole quantum edition".  Quantum physics made logical sense of everything I had already intuited!  I learned our God-given power to mold and direct energy toward specific outcomes.  Afterward, I began creating exercises combining my metaphysical knowledge with quantum physics principles, which were later written in my book "Mystical Empress Magical Relationships".  I tested the exercises on myself and then on clients. They worked!  Still, there was another missing piece to the puzzle.  Through various healing sessions I gave to animals, I understood there was a way to harness the same energy that Jesus the Christ used in his instant, miraculous healings.  Additionally, I wanted to know more about DNA shifting.  And then it happened!  I stumbled across a used Theta Healing book by Vianna Stibal.  Wow!!! It ALL came together then!  The healing, the quantum physics, the age defying DNA coding, the shamanistic journeying, the psychic tools I had extensively developed.  Yes!  Very EXCITING indeed!

In my work, I apply my intuitive as well as my book knowledge in helping people get to their core blocks.  I do not concern myself with “pulling rabbits out of hats”.  In other words, I’m not concerned with proving my abilities.  My work, 20+ years of application, and hundreds of client testimonials speak for itself.  My work applies practical, hands-on, user friendly techniques to help people achieve their truest heart’s desires.  My soul mission is to empower people in knowing the magnificence of their creative abilities and healing them past their personal blocks.

I do not support victimization mentality. I teach about life through the eyes of Soul. Truly, every world situation was broadly chosen by the Soul for its personal evolution and expansion.  Sometimes, this is very difficult to understand from a human personality perspective.  It is here that I gently advise my clients that until they can accept their part in their life’s creations, they will always feel weak & powerless in the human form.  Powerlessness is a very low energetic frequency that magnifies a vibrational range of troublesome manifestations.

Although I am quite capable of making predictions and revealing transitory patterns, I try my best to steer clear of any predictive information that locks my clients into a specific future reality. Instead, I encourage my clients to actively, creatively design their futures from NOW.

  287575_10150332147293832_1390980_o (1) In my writing and teaching, I seek to communicate in a light- hearted, yet concise, way that is understandable to a wide audience.  I understand that we all hold dreams that  we seek to manifest.  My intention is to provide relevant, demystifying material to help those dedicated individuals realize their dreams. I have written for numerous publications including: Delta Style, Louisiana Gardener, Louisiana Road Trips, Transformations, Indigo Sun & News Star.  

1915703_212718858831_2442192_nPersonal Growth Writer, Life Coach Architect, Teacher, Actress, Renaissance Woman, Reverend, Feng Shui Practitioner, Astrologer, Magissa, Shaman, Horticulturist, Mystical Empress, Actress, Artist, Butterfly Lady, Free Spirit... are all titles used to describe her.  Underneath the labels, however, one thing remains the same.  Charis Farfalla IS passionate about living life to the fullest and bridging the gap between people and their deepest dreams.  She's spent many years learning, processing, and applying Spirituality, Law of Attraction, and Quantum Shifting principles in hopes of sharing her discoveries with readers, students, and clients alike.