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Enchanted Winter Wedding II

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Enchanted Wedding II:  The Magic Behind the Event

Weddings are modern day rituals, and they are steeped in tradition and superstition. In planning my own wedding, I combined metaphysics with traditions & superstitions to cover all my bases. Enjoy!:)

Astrological Considerations

In astrology work, we create event charts, called electional charts, to plan the successful evolution of an event, such as a wedding or business opening.


Enchanted Winter Wedding I

brenda and I

Making the Mystical Empress Wedding Attire

Setting: Snowy Winter Wonderland in Winter Park, CO

Date: Winter Solstice, December 21, 2015

Day of Week: Monday

Time: 1:35pm

Goal: Planning a wedding on a small budget with a 4 week lead time.

“Why such a short notice?” you might ask. Well, you see, I’m an astrologer, a numerologist, a life coach, and a shaman. I take things very magically seriously, like the timing, location, and symbolism of an event.


Forgiving Sharks

blogpic02I’ve been working with an angel healing book.  Last night, I was reading the chapter on forgiveness and letting in the healing color of Love, which is pink.  I had questions about forgiveness, which I then channeled my guides to answer for me. Here they are: 


Life Coaching with a Twist!

blogpic01 So you’ve heard the label: “Life Coach”, but what does it mean?

Life Coaching describes a partnership between a client, who desires specific dreams & goals, and a Life Coach, who has achieved mastery in a goal achievement skill set.