Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  I am very drawn to spirituality and metaphysics.  I really want to learn more!  Any suggestions?

A. Mystical Empress offers a variety of workshops and offers 1 hour private teaching sessions @$75, please see "Workshops/Classes" section.

Q.When did you first know that you had psychic abilities?

A. I have been an empath my entire life; you can't be a Scorpio/Pisces and not be a psychic sponge. However, growing up, I was not surrounded by aware people, so I had no one to explain my innate psychic abilities. (more below)

Q. What is your experience/background in this work?

A. I began a serious pursuit of metaphysics at the age of 17.  I was passionately consumed with a desire to know more, mainly to understand myself better.  I lived in the South, pre-internet times, so much of my learning was self-taught through devouring as many metaphysical books as I could find. Much of my passion was kept secret because when word did get out, I was accused of being a "devil worshipper".

As I learned my own astrology natal chart,  I found a packed 8th house and knowledge of being a High Priestess in Atlantis and Greece.  Although I was adopted, I found that my maternal grandmother was born in an Oklahoma Cherokee reservation.  With my natural proclivity toward this work, I come from a long line of gifted ancestors.

I followed my natural bliss excelling in the divining tools of astrology, tarot, feng shui, automatic writing channeling  and psychology.  In 1999, I worked toward my Feng Shui certification through the Western School of Feng Shui.  Then I went on to achieve my Master's Degree in Metaphysics, following Sonia Choquette's lead.

For 16 years, I've worked with clients seeking direction in their lives, and I've created unique services based in law of attraction and quantum physics principles.

Q. I've never had a reading before, do you have any suggestions?

A. I strongly suggest that you trust your instincts in choosing a psychic. We each have our specialized skills and approaches to readings.  I personally do not perform predictive readings.  The only moment that matters to me is NOW because this is where your creative power lies. My entire purpose in my work is to empower people to deliberately create their lives as they desire--from this moment forward. I've found that when a person peeks into a future possible reality, they stop deliberately creating what they choose that future to be.  I do not choose to etch my client's destiny in stone; rather I intend to be the guide who lights the way!

In addition, I advise that you calm your mind and center yourself before your reading. I get hysterical clients, and their energy makes it difficult to get a pure reading on the topic. Also, chaotic energy creates obstacles that separate you from your desired outcome and makes you closed off from solutions. 

Before your session, cleanse your aura through smudging or bathing with Epsom/sea salts or washing face, arms, and legs in baking powder, (aluminum free). Following your session, drink LOTS of water. You've had an energy shifting session that flushes toxins into the system, water helps remove them.

Q. I'm fascinated with psychic readings, but I'm terrified I'll be told that I'm going to die!  What if the "Death" card comes up?

A. I find this to be the biggest concern of newbies to psychic readings.

First, as with all professions, there are people who stand in integrity and there are those who do not.  Research your reader.  Do they feel good to you? Do they feel dramatic and sensational in their approach? A responsible reader would not ever give you a death prediction, (even IF they could see it)! A quality reader empowers you; they do not terrify you and make you feel powerless.

The actual tarot "Death" card is about MAJOR change coming in your life. Doors are closing, endings are taking place. I liken this card to a rose bush that is in desperate need of pruning.  The bush has LOTS of dead wood (things that no longer promote growth), and by pruning away the outworn wood, we see an upsurge of new growth, which always follows the Death card.  I, personally, LOVE knowing I am not stuck in a rut and that my life is moving forward! Don't you? 🙂

Q. What  is your approach to  psychic readings?

A. Readings are a tool to determine a client's current energy field.  This field reveals a possible set of outcomes.  If these outcomes are undesirable, simple!  We shift them!

I offer 3 types of readings:

Card Readings: I own 37 decks of oracle and tarot cards.  I usually pull from 5 decks for the first session with a client.  I also combine a little numerology & astrology in this first session.  Subsequent sessions will only use tarot cards. The variety of cards gives me a big picture of the client's current energy.

Automatic Writing: Through automatic writing, I channel your guides, angels, higher self, and ancestors to receive higher level ,uniquely personal, information for clients.

Numerology Readings: This reading calculates your potential through the discovery of your Life Path, Expression, and Heart's Desire numbers.  A good reading to get basic self-understanding.

My psychic skills give me the ability to accurately read the energy around my client. I am adept at molding energy toward specific manifestation.  Therefore, I give my clients an accurate picture of their current energy and then I offer specific energy molding techniques to help them create their intentions.   My readings shift energy. 

**MOST IMPORTANT** I do NOT encourage dependency on me for psychic readings.  As a matter of fact, I only read my clients once a month for 2 reasons: getting too frequent readings causes the information to stop being accurate AND unhealthy obsessiveness drains me and makes a mockery of my gift.  I do not recommend going to multiple readers either, choose someone you like and stick with that reader.  The more readers are used, the more confusing the messages, and then guess what? You slip into anxiety and depression!

If you're brand new to these topics and looking to discover your innate talents--I suggest Sonia Choquette's The Psychic Pathway book.  This workbook covers many metaphysical areas and helps you to try different divining tools and see which one is a comfortable fit.

Sonia also has a wonderful book, Diary of a Psychic, which is an auto-biography of her life.

One of my greatest metaphysical teachers has been Linda Goodman, ALL of her books are applicable.  Star Signs will exhilarate and enchant you!  Your eyes will be opened to the magic all around you.

My personal friend, Ted Andrews, was also a pioneer in metaphysics.

My favorites of his titles: Animal Speak, Animal Wise, Enchantment of the Fairy Realm, Simplified Magic, Healing with Color, You the Healer.

Astrology has always been my first love.  The best beginner's book is

Joanne Woolfolk's The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need.  You will need to get a copy of your astrology natal chart to understand the book. Go to our "Astrology/Astrology Tools" page to calculate your unique Astrology Natal Chart.  I do not recommend using the book's moon sign or rising/ascendant sign tables to determine your placements.  These placements are based on clock time and subject to change throughout the day; thus,  I haven't found them to be 100%accurate.  Another fabulous tool for learning your astrology chart is Monte Farber's oracle deck, Karma Cards.  I know, the name is misleading, but the deck is divided into 3 sets of cards: planets, signs, and houses.  You can lay the cards out to complete a sentence about your astrology chart placements.

Speaking of card decks, I've owned numerous decks, simply because I've bought so many cards I did not resonate with and passed them on.  When you find a store that displays opened tarot decks, take advantage of this gift!  Go through the cards you find resonance with, hold them, view the images, see how you feel about them. Negative feelings means don't spend your money on that deck.  I strongly advise serious beginning students to start with a Rider Waite deck, (Universal Waite is most attractive).  Why? Because it is the standard tarot deck and most books and informational tarot websites use Rider Waite depictions.  While you're learning, it will be easiest to work with; otherwise, your mind will be jumbled learning card symbolism PLUS transferring images to the Rider Waite equivalent.  Simplicity in learning is my motto.  Tarot Plain and Simple by Anthony Louis lists all of the possible tarot key words.

My favorite decks thus far have been: Robin Wood Tarot Deck,

Sulamith Wolfing Lover's Oracle, (this was a fantastic German artist who was connected to the angel and fairy realm), Inner Child Tarot Deck, Universal Waite Tarot Deck, OSHO deck, Karma Cards, Doreen Virtue's Romance Angel Oracle cards (these come with their own cherubim love angels, you'll feel them!), Doreen Virtue's Goddess Guidance Oracle cards, Jamie Sams' Medicine cards, & Linda Goodman's Star Sign deck.

Feng Shui involves two main schools of thought: Compass and Form School.  I was certified in Form School. Lillian Too Feng Shui books are hands down the best books because she maintains the integrity of the culture. The Western Guide to Feng Shui by Terah Kathryn Collins is very user friendly. I attended her Western School of Feng Shui.

For me, spirituality is a way of life based on values and personal character.  My path began with an exploration of the world religions and various branches of Christianity. I now rest without religion, content in the knowing that ALL is Divine because energy permeates all things.  It is an impossibility to ever find separation from All that Is.  Recommended reading: Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now,

any Neville Goddard book, Abraham Hicks' Ask and It Is GIven,

excellent meditation CD, Getting In the Vortex.

Any Joseph Campbell books, and if you can comprehend deep concepts, Jane Roberts' Seth Speaks and Nature of Personal Reality  .

Watch the movies "What the Bleep?" and "What the Bleep Down the Rabbit Hole Quantum Edition" for a deep explanation  of the quantum physics principles behind psychic phenomenon.

If money is currently tight, take advantage of your local library.  Many of these books will be found there.

Above all, trust YOUR Inner Guidance to lead you toward your natural gifts and learning method. If a particular teacher or subject feels "off" to you, move away from it.  In the beginning, I was very hungry for knowledge and looking for a guide; I found myself in some very dangerous psychic territory.  Power hungry people are drawn to these arts, trust your instincts!