Feng Shui Home


For most people, buying a home is the single, largest purchase they will ever make.  According to the ancient science & philosophy of Feng Shui, our environments make a profound impact on our daily lives.  The home environment is divided into 9 specific life areas such as career, health, reputation, marriage, etc.  Feng Shui is looking for a harmonious flow between building structure, environmental factors, decoration, interior arrangement and symbolism.  For example, if your financial sector continuously drips water from a leaky faucet, you will see monetary losses in your life.  If your home's floor plan lacks a marriage sector, meaning your overgrown, weedy backyard reflects your potential suitors, this could explain why you keep attracting unsuitable partners.

Charis is a professionally trained form school practitioner from Western School of Feng Shui.  She is trained to read the energy of your home environment.  Within the Feng Shui consultation, Charis will examine the external environmental factors, Bagua diagrammed home blueprint, interior flow and arrangement of furniture, design choices, symbolism, address numerology, and street location.  These factors all play a role in flowing or stagnant energy.  Charis will make recommendations for arrangement, 5 elemental balance, colors, decorations, balancing the Bagua map and Feng Shui cures to bring your home into balance as well as enhance your personal intentions.  $100 per hour.  Average 3 bedroom home takes between 2.5-3 hours to fully diagnose. If you are considering purchasing a home, Charis can tell you the potential of the unfurnished home before you make a purchase, saving you potential future problems. This consultation can be done in a 1-1.5 hour session.