Feng Shui Office


837439eba05fe36e9117a956a6fa0161 What does Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Clinton, Sony, Coca Cola, Hewlett Packard & Chase Manhattan Bank all have in common?  They've all used Feng Shui Office in their successful rise to the top!  Feng Shui Office

*increases profit margins
*supports team members
*expands productivity
*creates brand loyalty
*enhances customer relations



Your company vision and goals are supported by professionally trained Form School Feng Shui expert, Charis.  In her Feng Shui Office consultations, Brenda reviews:
*Building & Location
*Company logo and image
*Internet Presence & Marketing Materials
*Work space(s) Bagua Map
*Desk Arrangement
*Physiological sensorial impressions
*5 Element & Yin/Yang Balance Upon completion of a thorough Feng Shui Office analysis, Brenda will recommend adjustments, enhancements and cures in a typed report format. $150 per hour.