Quantum Feng Shui Consultations

Where Feng Shui Wind & Water commingle, we seek to create feng shui box a harmonious atmosphere of vibran, flowing Chi', enlivens, uplifts and enhances personal growth. In the Mystical Empress approach to Quantum Feng Shui, were looking for ways to quantum shift your environment. As every element of your world produces a magnetic tension of Law of Attraction, we work with your personal space as a giant vision board. Every item, color, arrangement, structure, material and placement works toward or against your intentions. We analyze your environment to determine if the energy is flowing properly without short circuiting.  We ask the question, "Is this space supportive of your desires? "

Quantum Feng Shui Consultation for Home, Landscape And Business $150 per hour

In the Quantum Feng Shui consultation, we review your home, landscape or business environment to analyze your 5 element dynamics and Bagua Map configuration.  The primary goal is to remedy energetic imbalances, (elemental destructive cycle, furniture misplacement, external structural intrusions, street location, floor plan imperfections, symbolic misrepresentations), to bring your environment into alignment with the natural flow of Chi'; thus, we create the ideal energy flow to manifest your true intentions. Feng Shui Enhancements, (cures), are recommended to further initiate positive change.  This consultation can be performed in person or via Skype or Facetime.  Typical residential consultations range between 2-3 hours, $150 deposit, balance of consultation due on completion.


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