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What is Mystical Empress’ Quantum Life Coaching?

blogpic01 The Quantum approach to life coaching adds law of attraction and quantum physics principles to help people creatively manifest their goals. Our society typically rewards aggressive pursuit of our goals, (which actually goes against natural energy flow); however, the Quantum Life Coaching approach helps the client work cooperatively with energy in a receptive, fluid flow. There’s much less physical action expenditure toward goal achievement in the Quantum approach.

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clientgallery23 Mystical Empress’ Quantum Life Coaching was designed through Brenda Renee’s personal creation of specific quantum physics shift exercises. These exercises were first tested in Brenda’s personal life and then they were carried forward and refined with life coach clients from various walks of life.The Quantum approach to life coaching adds law of attraction and quantum physics principles to aid people in their creative goal achievement expression. These exercises were designed to help shift people beyond current identities and reality paradigms. The Quantum Life Coaching tools go beyond mass consciousness belief systems and catapult the client into time bending, alternate personalities, and parallel universes where the achievement of dreams is much less a timely process as it is a sudden shift in realities. The process is exhilarating, enlightening, and FUN!!!! 

owner of a small business store showing her tasty cakes Mystical Empress’ Quantum Life Coaching can be used by people of various backgrounds, intentions and goals because it applies non-linear, non-defined energy molding techniques.The Mystical Empress Quantum Life Coaching approach offers:

- initial FREE “Discovery Session” to determine if the personalities and approach are a good “fit”.

- reasonably priced Quantum Life Coach packages

 - years of Metaphysical and Quantum Physics study, application, & refinement

- compassionate, non- judgmental understanding of people

- ability to pinpoint old, destructive energy patterns

- specific plan of action outline, ie “Your Quantum Life Map”, ever-fluid with your changing needs

- specific energy shifting techniques and new lifetime practices

- positive, uplifting feedback throughout the Quantum Life Coaching processBottom line: Mystical Empress is here to empower our clients and help them realize their dreams.

All of your creative ability is in the NOW. Are you ready to create anew? If so, give us a call at: 720.965.0062. We will be happy to guide you toward the creation of your dreams! 

1915703_212718858831_2442192_n A Life Coach such as Mystical Empress' Brenda Renee is a skilled professional who understands how to discover and shift root energetic imbalances found in thoughts and emotions.  In a co-partnership, the Quantum Life Coach guides clients toward their heart's desires. In adults, energetic imbalances create the basis for issues with: money, relationship, body imbalances, career, life transitions, etc.  In pre-adults, these imbalances can create personality difficulties that manifest in relationship dynamics,  body image, addictions, and  educational functioning. 

A lighthearted, individually tailored, spiritual approach is used to guide both pre-adults and adults toward their true intentions.

Specific energy shifting techniques are taught to promote self empowerment and resolution of obstacles. Originating from client interactions of 16 years, Brenda Renee' has designed a unique approach to life coaching.  Quantum Life Coachingapplies the principles of Quantum Physics and Law of Attraction to remove energetic blocks and .open pathways to manifest your truest desires.  This approach to life coaching can quantum shift you past blocking patterns much quicker than traditional methods.  The result? You move swiftly toward your dreams!

Beginning with your FREE initial consultation, you and Brenda Renee' will discover your true dreams and peek at your natal astrology chart for natural talents toward your goals. Between your 1st and 2nd session, Brenda will begin outlining specific block busting exercises for your journey.  During your 2nd session,  Brenda will present her recommendations, and you will together co-create a Quantum Flight Map.  This tailored plan of action will give structure to your on-going semi-weekly visits and propel you toward your dreams.

Your Quantum Flight Map plan may include (but not limited to), a variety of energy molding techiques such as follows:

•Law of Attraction Manifesting
•Creative Visualization
•Inner Child Play
•Abstract Art Journaling
•Quantum Shift Exercises
•Shamanic Journeying
•Nature Balancing
•Aromatherapy & Flower Essences
•Totem Animals & Plants
•Gemstone Alignment
•Astrology Analysis
•Tarot & Soul Guidance Readings
•Chakra Balancing
•Psychic Skills
•Symbol Language
•Quantum Neural Net Re-Programming
•Divining Tools
•Divine Speak: Angels, Animals, plants,  and fairies
•Dream Weaving

For the best results, Quantum Life Coaching meetings are twice a month.  Your initial Discovery session is FREE! On-going discussions provide needed support and feedback throughout the shifting process.  Your hour long sessions may be done by phone, text, Skype, messenger or in person.  Each visit will discuss exercises, questions, and a review of your progress. 

For Adults:

You may choose between 3 levels of life coaching.  Individually scheduled "Crystal" sessions;  or contracted sessions: "Amethyst" 6 sessions and "Emerald" 12 sessions.  By signing a life coach contract,  you save money and better insure that you achieve your goals and create a permanent shift in your life.  If you are new to energy shifting techniques, 12 sessions are highly recommended.  If you consider yourself highly motivated and thoroughly knowledgeable about energy shifting techniques, then 6 sessions may be the best package for you. If you are looking for a different perspective of a problem area, a single session may fulfill your needs.

For Pre-Adults

Pre-adults are given the Truth: that the world is a magical place full of endless possibilities.  Through a fun, magical learning adventure, pre-adults are taught self empowering life skills that blend law of attraction, spirituality, and quantum physics.  They are given wings to fully maximize their complete potential.

Sessions are 3 months/6 sessions, at the end of which time, the teen's progress will be reviewed to determine if more sessions are desired.

To gain a new perspective on a problem
Crystal Life Coaching Session
single session/$115


If you have thorough knowledge of Energy Shifting
Amethyst Life Coaching Package
6 sessions/$630 ($105ea. $60 savings)


If you are new to Energy Shifting Techniques
Emerald Life Coaching Package
12 sessions/$1020 ($85 ea. $360 savings)


Pearl Life Coaching Package
6 sessions/$330 ($55 each)


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