Mystical Empress Magical Relationships

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 Our universe is an electromagnetic field where everything imaginable potentially exists. The field is likened to a womb consisting of un-birthed innumerable possible worlds. Each possible world begins as an electron that represents innumerable versions of realities and timelines. Once an electron is observed (with your focus), it collapses into a particle that now has the potential for manifestation. You have access to infinite possibilities! Meaning, many different versions of you & your world exist as potential particles now. Imagine that!

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Every day, men and women struggle with relationship issues. The subject may be their mother-in-law, their daughter, their husband, or their co-worker, but the problem of relating remains the same. With Mystical Empress Magical Relationships, we learn how energy truly manifests. We learn how to deliberately, consciously mold our experiences in life. We then have access to innumerable possibilities. Shifting to different versions of ourselves attracts different versions of people and events. We no longer feel powerless in our relationships with others.

For those who are searching for love, we follow a definable road map with many hidden treasures. For those who desire positive changes in their personal and professional relationships, we apply tools for harmony & longevity. For those who have loved & lost, we receive renewed hope for finding what was thought to be lost. Join me for a fresh relationship perspective in this quantum shifting, information packed workshop.

In Mystical Empress Magical Relationships, you will learn to:

♡ Simply apply quantum energy techniques for greater relationship awareness

♡ Examine early childhood conditioning as precursor for relationship expectations and patterns

♡ Design and manifest your ideal romantic relationships

♡ Redefine and improve your existing personal relationships

♡ Discover astrological life cycles that influence the evolution of relationships

♡ Understand what soul mate love is all about

♡ Manifest soul mate relationships

♡ Gracefully navigate relationship endings

Mystical Empress Brenda Renee’ holds a Bachelor’s of Liberal Arts in Legal Studies, a Masters in Metaphysics, and professional certification in Feng Shui. She is an astrologer, shaman, feng shui practitioner, horticulturist, artist, actress, and intuitive. She has written for various new age magazines, such as Indigo Sun, Transformations, and her monthly “Feng Shui Q&A” for Delta Style Magazine.

She’s spent 19 years in private consulting & teaching her shamanism, quantum life coaching, astrological charts, intuitive readings, and feng shui consultations. Brenda Renee’ works closely with God, angelic helpers, totem animals, plant and mineral kingdom, star beings, and the fairy realm. She shows you how easy it is to blend quantum energy techniques into your personal needs and dreams! She is a powerful spiritual guide for your soul’s path. To learn more about Mystical Empress Brenda Renee’s services & workshops, please go to

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