Mystical Empress Products

10702228_10152756197293832_6087493753290540510_n Mystical Empress Products are soul inspired co-creations between Mystical Empress, Brenda Renee' and her magical Inner Child. While whimsical in appearance, these products are practical tools of quantum shifting and self empowerment.  Fairies, Goddesses and the Moon bless these products with magic.  Enjoy!


wands1 Mystical Empress Scepters are made monthly on the Full Moon.  These unique, hand made scepters are a visual reminder of your royal birth and personal power.  Each scepter is unique.  Mystical Empress students and life coach clients are gifted with their own scepter.  $21.95 +s&h

Copper Wands


amathystrocks2 amathystrocks1

Divine Connection Amethyst Gemstone Clusters, specially picked high grade quality stones. $30

wishpillow2 wishpillow1

Mardi Gras Wish Pillow:
This handmade, authentic Louisiana magical pillow holds your deepest heart desires, rolled into a scroll and tucked privately in a top pocket. Genuine Louisiana Spanish Moss protects your wishes, cotton stuffing for luck, healing and magic; antique heart shaped paper for writing your desires,  red and white ribbon to tie your scroll, and a stick pin to set your intention. "faire un voeu"! $15.00 + $7.95 s&h

Goddess Crowns

These elaborate quantum shifting crowns were blessed with the magic of the goddesses. For centuries, costumes have been worn to instantly shift people into new identities.  Each crown invokes the powers with which they were named.  Although they stimulate powerful energies, Mystical Empress Goddess Crowns can also be worn for fun, festive occasions that call for a special costume. Each crown is unique, handmade and adjustable. Enjoy!!

goddesscrown1 goddesscrown2

 Mystical Empress "Artemis" Known as "Goddess of the Hunt", Artemis is fiercely independent and untamed.  She's a strong protector of  children & animals.  The trusted stag reveals Artemis' gentle, yet wild, spirit. Gemstone: Moonstone is the stone of the High Priestess and the inner journey.  Hunt your untamed inner spirit reveling in the beauty of Divine feminine with "Artemis". Price $250 with free shipping

goddesscrwn3 goddesscrown4

Hera blessed women with love, harmonious marriage, fertility, and abundance.  Her totem was the Peacock of royalty & opulence.  Colors: purple; Gemstone: Citrine for prosperity; Amazonite for speaking one's truth, and Chrysopase as an offering to the goddess.   Price $250 with free shipping

goddesscrown5 goddesscrown6

Mystical Empress "Imbolc" 

Bridging the winter and spring seasons, Imbolc is the festival of the Goddess Bride Brigid and occurs at the beginning of February.  In this headdress, the oak is covered in ice, but the early butterfly & sprigs of grass hint at returning Sun and offers us hope of the light re-emerging.  Gemstone: Amazonite used to stimulate speaking one's inner truth. Price $250 with free shipping 

goddesscrown5 goddesscrown6

Mystical Empress
"Athena's Forest"
Athena, the great warrior goddess, preferred winning battles through wise use of logic, wisdom & strategy.  She also presides as a mediator and judge.  The white owl, cypress trees, gold and emerald green were favored by Athena. With the vision of the owl and the lightness of a fairy, wear Athena to align with victory!  Price $250  with free shipping

goddesscrown9 goddesscrown10

Mystical Empress "Fairy Whimsy":

Oh!  For the love of fairies!  If you can be whimsical, young at heart, and open to wonder, this magical crown just may be your door to the kingdom of fairies!  Fairies love parties, laughter & play, and they will reveal themselves to anyone who takes the time to listen and see!  Magic awaits!  Price $250 with free

goddesscrown11 goddesscrown12

Mystical Empress "J'aime Paris":
Love & Glamour, what a heady mix from the  romantic city ofhaute couture! Your "girly-ness" is begging to come out and play!  With lipstick, purse, high heel shoe & sunglasses, your inner 5 year old wants to  dazzle the  catwalk  with sass! Price $250 with free shipping