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Meet our best psychics for psychic readings:

Charis Farfalla - Founder of Mystical Empress psychic readings phone

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Jade - Chinese Astrology Reader

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Past Life Regression Readings
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By Phone (MOST POPULAR), Email, Text, Chat, In Person, etc.


- My most popular psychic Readings consist of Tarot card readings and Astrology Readings by Phone, Email, Text, Chat and In Person

- Affordable, Accurate, Psychic Readings using empath, clairvoyant, tarot card, astrology, & numerology skills

Phone Psychic Reading 5 Star Review


As energy flows down a certain path, it will create a predictable outcome.  Once that energy is redirected, however, a new path opens up with different outcomes.  As a skilled psychic, Charis Farfalla can interpret a person’s energy field and then reveal possible future outcomes.  However, she is not satisfied with making static predictions.  Her work doesn’t stop with predictions because she deeply desires to empower people in the knowledge of creating their own realities.

In Mystical Empress psychic readings, Charis's focus is to:

- interpret the client’s current energy field
- reveal possible blocks
- discuss possible outcomes
- offer guidance to redirect energy toward the desired manifestation, IF the client prefers a different outcome 

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Grand Trio Psychic Reading

Trio Psychic Reading Includes Tarot, Royal Flush and Automatic Writing Reading

Buy Now for ONLY $85.00

Royal Flush Psychic Reading

royalflush - Predictions covering 20+ categories
Email reading
When ordering this reading, you will need to hold an intention or wish
in mind.

Buy Now for ONLY $40.00

Tarot Card Readings

2 atarot-reading  

These colorful readings are done by phone, email or in person.  A variety of Oracle & Tarot cards are pulled and reviewed in detail.  These spreads are great for basic questions of everyday concern.

* 5 different decks: Tarot, Numerology, Goddess, Animal, & Nature
* 4 card spreads

$40 for 20 Minutes
30minutes/$50 or 60minutes/$85.


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Numerology Readings

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This Numerology reading calculates your potential through the discovery of your Life Path, Expression, and Heart's Desire numbers.  A good reading to get basic self-understanding.
20 minutes for $40
30 minutes $50 or 60 minutes/$85


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Astrology Readings

astrologyreadings1 astrologyreadings2 astrologyreadings3 astrologyreadings5 

An astrology chart is calculated and reviewed covering: career, soul path, art/children, relationships, money, among others.  These chart analysis readings are incredibly detailed and are very adept at answering the questions: "What is my true path? What am I doing here?" Phone, email, or in person.


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Automatic Writing Readings

Through focused, meditative automatic writing, your Higher Self, Angels, Guides, and Ancestors are given a clear channel to communicate directly with you.  These Soul Guidance readings are like love notes from your Spirit Guides who lovingly watch over you.  Information is profoundly revealing for your spiritual growth.

- 3 questions, no health please
- Reading is typed email
- Completed within 12 hours
- $40


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Mystical Empress Tarot, Numerology, & Astrology Parties

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Do you have a group of close friends who would enjoy an entertaining evening of psychic  readings? Do you live in the greater Denver & Boulder areas?

If so, schedule a  Mystical Empress Party!

  • *For Tarot, we bring cards, for Astrology, we bring each guest's natal astrology chart, for Numerology we bring prepared calculations for each guest

    *2 hour min. tarot party cost $300 (if you wish to purchase more time, contact us and we will send you a special payment link)

  • *Time per reading will be decided based on the total amount of hours purchased divided by the total amount of guests

  • *Hostess receives a complimentary gift!

  • *Your guests receive uplifting, positive readings. NO DEATH READINGS

  •  Reading times are divided by the guests attending. By guest preference, readings will be done privately in a separate room or in a central location among friends.

Before paying for your party, please call us at 720.965.0062, to discuss scheduling.  Any additional past 2 hours, the balance will be due at party.

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 - Mystical Empress's most popular psychic readings are phone psychic readingswhich consist of tarot card psychic phone readings, akashic record readings, past life regression readings by phone as well as automatic writing readings by email.