Shamanism and Spiritual Healing by Mystical Empress

Shaman, Charis Farfalla, is gifted in the world of spirit and nature. Not only does she work with natural elements, such as plant and animal spirits and ancestors, she also works on the different planes of existence.  While working within all 7 planes of existence, Charis journeys through an altered consciousness  to retrieve: spiritual healing energy, resolve patterns, receive guidance, gather soul retrievals, perform entity extractions, DNA Recoding, and introduce spiritual helpers of animal/plant totems and Guardian Angels.  Her work begins and ends with Yahweh, Creator of All that Is.  As a Shaman trained in quantum physics principles, Charis has learned to navigate each plane without being bound to any one level. 

Each plane, 1-7, offers different healing components to her shamanic & spiritual healing work:

1st Plane: Charis works with the world of gemstones and minerals such as: Selenite, Aragonite, Smoky Quartz, Danburite, Lemurian Seed Crystals, Moldavite, Black Tourmaline, Fairy Crystals, Phenacite, Petalite, Labradorite, Emerald, and Double Terminated Quartz.  Her stone allies help to intensify and focus spiritual healing energy and life changes. 

2nd Plane: Charis's closest heart connections involve the plant, tree, and fairy kingdom.  Among her close tree and plant allies include: Oak, Red Bud, Crabapple, Apple, Orange, Mistletoe, Orchid, Iris, Daisy, Thyme, Rosemary, Basil, Lavender, Peppermint, Rose, Hydrangea, and Gardenia.  Her fairy friend companions include: gnomes, elves, sylphs, nymphs, satyrs, and merpeople.  Their earth based wisdom deepens our relationship to the Earth.

3rd Plane: The 3rd plane provides a physical vehicle for spirit to move into the density of this planet.  Charis is comfortable with the laws of the Earthly plane, and she teaches her clients, particularly Starseeds, to become comfortable and joyful in their exploration of this realm. Charis's Lyran, soulmate persian cat, Sir Gawain, grounds high vibrational energy, making it accessible to her clients.

4th Plane: Via her Starseed, Egyptian, Native American and Celtic ancestors, Charis receives a broad earthly and galactic view wisdom for her client's growth.  Her supportive wise, spirit animals: Cheetah, Snake, Eagle, Red Tail Hawk, Butterfly, Fox, Rabbit, Monkey, Horse, and White Stag--lead Charis's shamanic journeys to offer healing medicine, and perform soul retrievals and extractions.

5th Plane: Ascended Masters St. Germaine, Metatron, Kuthumi, Hilarion, as well as her clients' Guardian Angels join in the shifting process.

6th Plane: The sacred sciences of Astrology, Numerology, and Akashic Records give Charis powerful insights into her clients' personality, core belief systems, talents, soul purpose intentions, plus past, present & future life insights. An in-depth knowledge of the law of magnetism assists Charis in guiding her clients' intentions.

7th Plane: Charis joins with God/Hashem/Yahweh consciousness, acting as a conduit for the healing power of the Creator of All that Is.

Shamanism and Spiritual Healing Services:

All of Charis's Shaman work begins and ends with the Creator of All that Is. In this way, she works directly with the Creator to bring about spiritual healing of core issues, belief systems, entity attachments, and fragmented soul pieces. Divine Source brings forth all client changes and healings as Charis acts as the facilitating conduit. Her work originates at the highest level of frequencies to: - Insure a pure channel for spiritual healing and growth - Eliminate the binding laws of the lower planes, while utilizing wisdom from each plane. - Receive Divine guidance and healing energies without personal bias.

Client Testimonials: Charis, you are such an amazing light worker!  As you were working, I saw two huge angels standing behind my daughter.  Since you met with us, she has changed so much.  The happy girl I once knew all those years ago, has returned now as a grown woman. Thanks cannot express how happy I am!  R.E. Hello Charis, toes are tingling!  Thank you for what you did.  I feel soo good!  Like ironman!  Like I have super powers super dad!  I don't care anymore what others do or say, I can just put my hand up and bounce the negative energies away from me.  I will be needing another session soon, as my growth has shifted my marriage too.  My wife wants to meet with you.  Thank you for everything!  L.D.

Past Life Regression Sessions

Past Life Regressions allow one to part the veil of time and review lifetimes of other dimensions and time frames.  These regressions are performed as Charis guides the client through a light trance. The first 10 minutes of  your regression session involve a thorough interview to determine: your intention for past life knowledge, discuss any recurring trouble spots, and to prep your mind .

Clients choose Past Life Regression sessions to:

  • Understand overly developed, unexplained talents

  • Explain repulsion or attraction to certain people or places

  • Unwind fears & phobias

  • Determine relationship connections across lifetimes

  • Satisfy Curiosity

60 minute session $85

90 minute session $125

Akashic Record Reading:

 There is a hall of records containing every thought, every spoken word, for every soul that has ever existed.   This etheric library is used for spiritual perspective and understanding of one's life.  However, more mundane questions can be asked.  The Past Life Regression may be interchangeable here, although it runs much more like a story line while the Akashic will present all answers pertaining to questions and interests.  Additionally, in the Past Life Regression, the client enters the trance like meditation to collect their own answers, with Charis as guide.  In the Akashic Record Readings, Charis, as a trained, certified Akashic reader, will enter the records to collect answers to your questions; additionally, these may include familial ancestry, past lives on this planet and others, origins of health and phobia issues, etc.  

Client Testimonial:  Charis, you have really helped me to understand my soul lessons in my relationship. I'm now understanding what he is learning, and what I am learning.  Also, I always wanted to be a veterinarian, but I didn't want to be put in the position to do surgeries and euthanasia.  When I asked you my soul purpose, and the records showed me healing animals, I felt such a confirmation!!! After you talked to me about holistic, alternative healing paths, I really hung up the phone excited because I feel like my life was just taken off "pause" and put into fast forward!! Thank you so much for your help! A.C.  Follow up: Hi Charis, I just want to thank you again for the reading.  I also wanted to let you know, you had gone into my past life and found the root of my abandonment issue and healed it, you said it was a heavy burden I carried with me.  I guess I haven't really realized until recently, but my shoulders used to always be sore and hurt and strangely my back was hurting the other day, and I realized that my shoulders aren't sore anymore like they used to be since the reading!  I was wondering do you do remote healing?  Thank you so much, A.C.

60 minute session: $85  

90 minute session: $125

Spiritual Healing Sessions:

Spiritual Healing is a direct, quick way of shifting the energy of: old core wounds, belief patterns, DNA, ancestral curses, soul fragment loss, entity attachments, & psychic chords that underlie most imbalances and blocked life direction.  Reverend Charis Farfalla works directly with the Creator Hashem performing spiritual healings on people and animals alike.  Through direct connection with Divine, Ancestors and High Vibrational Beings, she is able to pinpoint the disturbance within the auric field and body.  She then serves as a clear conduit for Divine Love to clear and resolve the imbalance that may have roots in the family lineage, DNA, soul, or current lifetime experiences.

Charis's Spiritual Healing Process May Include:

  • Clearing old chronic patterns, beliefs, and disempowering feelings around client's core issue.

  • Shamanic soul retrieval, (see below), shamanic entity and contract removal (see below).  

  • Downloading new, empowering, positive beliefs and feelings.

  • Preparing for life changes, ie neural nets, relationship dynamics, new self identity.

First 1 to 1-1/2 Hour session: $150

Additional 1 Hour Sessions $85

DNA Recoding Activation:  

Recoding is the process by which a being of third dimensional human origin who has 2 strands of DNA energetically recaptures the 12 strands that were ultimately intended for them." Anne Brewer, The Power of Twelve, Achieving 12 Strand DNA Consciousness.  As we are transcending to an even higher frequency than originally thought, Charis works to move us into our 13 strand, Christ Consciousness DNA.

 As part of our agreement into human form, we allowed for fear and anger implants/programs to be placed in the body's structure.  These implants initially helped us maintain a form in Earth's dense frequency, while also keeping us locked into mass consciousness based in fear and anger rather than joy & love.  For those of us who are Starseeds, these implants were necessary for our survival here, as fear and anger were foreign concepts to us in our original star systems.  By adding these dense vibrations to our light frequencies, we were able to navigate this plane and complete our soul missions.  Starseed clients will find the process of DNA activation recoding to be easier than other humans because they come from 5th and 6th dimensional realms, and this higher frequency is the norm for them.  

As our species is swiftly evolving, we are in need of our original 12 strand DNA plus one.  The re-activation of our 13 strand DNA strengthens the body to toxic, chemical & radioactive bombardment.  Light codes come on; the pineal and endocrine system is balanced and operating. It helps realign the natural predilection toward bodily rejuvenation and healing.  Also, it aids one to swiftly progress spiritually by raising our frequencies and enhancing many spiritual psychic gifts.  Recoding offers third dimensional human beings an expansion of evolved consciousness while still remaining physical.

The DNA Recoding Activation is best approached as a process, as many stages occur after the initial agreement for activation has taken place. Monthly guidance sessions are advised as the process evolves.

  • First Session Preparation for DNA Recoding Activation: Clearing Anger              

  • Second Session: Recoding & Activation, Agreement to Soul Mission   

  • Third Session (and any additional sessions):on Support & guidance moving through different segments 

(3) 1 hour sessions: $100

Shamanic Entity Removal Extractions:

As humans, we filter everything through our 5 senses.  The things we can touch, see, hear, smell, and taste are the things that we believe.  However, there is a whole other world that exists, and it is layered over our material world—this astral world consists of non material spirit.  Just as with different types of humans, there are different types of spirits.  Some spirits are nasty, some are benevolent, some are tricksters.  In addition, discarnate spirits are all around, and many, who are too afraid to transition, will latch on to the nearest warm body-meaning you!  Because most humans do not understand the spirit world, they allow these entities to wreak havoc in their lives indefinitely without ever doing a formal clearing. Regardless of how evolved, of how spiritual or religious you may be, you will most likely have an entity attachment to a greater or lesser degree, especially if you've never been cleared.  Oftentimes, these clearings happen in layers, with each spirit revealing itself over a period of time.  Charis understands that time and moey are of the essence; thus, she diligently works to remove as much as she can in each session.  Some clients may completely clear in one session, while others need repeated sessions.  

What are attachments?

Attachments are energy parasites that look for a perfect host environment.  They are more prevalent now than ever in history, as technology has opened many portals to the astral realm.  With the magical world being promoted in pop culture, many novices are dabbling in the occult world. Historically, the magical world was only approached by initiates and masters; thus, proper precautions were taken.  Films like Harry Potter, Twilight, True Blood, etc have glamourized and minimized the dangers of engaging 4D beings. Many people are engaging in astral sex, ouija boards, magic rituals, as well as consuming prescription, plant, and chemical substances and alcohol--all of which provide holes in the aura and easy entity attachment. 

Entities and Attachments can be in the form of:

  • Discarnates (dead people)

  • Negative Spirits

  • Fallen Angels

  • Demons

  • Demon Seeds

  • Reptilians

  • ET's

  • Ghosts

  • Psychic Spears

  • Curses/Hexes/Spells/Psychic Spears

  • Sorcerers & Chords

  • Generational Curses

  • Negative & Positive Psychic Chords

  • Implants

Entity Attachments will cling to land, homes, furniture, jewelry, toys (and other household items), plants, animals & people.

Who has attachments?

Just as dogs pick up fleas, we also pick up energy parasites.  Although we fastidiously care for our cleanliness, we never think to do periodic entity clearings.  Everyone has picked up attachments along the way and should do periodic clearings.

Why do entities attach to us?

These energy parasites are looking for a host that is in a weakened state. The protective auric field becomes weakened through depression, addiction, trauma, accidents, illness, and just being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  The weakened aura makes it easy for entities to feed off the life force of the individual or pet.  Also, the host offers a vehicle into this world.  Common host locations include bars, concerts, hospitals, funerals, & places of high sexual activity.  These entities are always on the prowl for their next host. Will you be their next home?

Other Ways to pick up entities:

  • Surgery

  • Car accident

  • Haunted places

  • Places of trauma, death

  • Seances, Spell Casting

  • Ghost Hunting

  • Drugs & Alcohol

  • Ouija Boards

  • Spell Casting

  • Sex magic

  • Orgies

  • Television/Computers/Cell Phones

How do I know if I have attachments? 

For new attachments:

Sudden insect infestations Sudden unusual changes in moods: withdrawal, fits of rage, dark pervasive thoughts, suicidal thoughts, depression Unyielding string of bad luck (that goes on for a long time) Unexplained fatigue Difficulty concentrating New phobias, anxiety, unexplained behavior/feelings Night terrors, feeling choked, unexplained bruises and scratches on skin Feeling followed, seeing shadow figures Waking up from nightmares between 3-4am, entity episodes active around 3am, demonic activity Sudden disruption to relationships                                

Old and lifetime attachments:

Lifetime suicidal tendencies Unending bad luck Chronic disease, especially autoimmune disorders Perverted, dark, sexual urges & tendencies

A word about drugs & alcohol:  Every type of drug and alcohol, including plant based like marijuana/ayahuasca/san pedro cactus and "spiritual" drugs like DMT, has a spirit attachment.  Prolonged use guarantees entity attachment that will actually cause you to crave the substance.  Using these substances is like opening your front door to anyone walking down the street.  Make no mistake, there are entities EVERYWHERE.

Many chronic illnesses are prolonged by an entity attachment.

What to do if you suspect you have an attachment?

You may try these do-it-yourself fixes or immediately hire a professional to insure a thorough clearing.

Do It Yourself Fixes:

Avoid wearing black (when healing from attacks/entities) Wear solid white as often as possible

• Add many religious relics in the bedroom/home: crucifix under pillow, and above bedroom door

• Gemstones to strengthen Aura: Double Terminated Quartz Crystal (1 for each hand) calms mood and seals aura. Hold in both hands. Black Tourmaline acts as a psychic debris vacuum cleaner. If you are in a weakened state, gemstones are not recommended as they intensify and focus energy.

• Sunshine is very powerful for Aura

• During healing period, avoid long durations around water

• Exercise, massage and physical training strengthens constitution

• Most vulnerable at night, negative forces build at night, especially between 3-4am

• Most vulnerable during sleep because consciousness is astral traveling

• Closets, under the bed, mirrors, attics & basements are all portals for entities to enter

• An empty stomach is vulnerable to psychic influences; go to bed with food in stomach; eat frequently (every 2 hours during day)

• May also do warm foot soak to bring blood down from the psychic centers in head

• Hot water bottles on the stomach protects the solar plexus chakra (food in the belly may be equally helpful).

• Place cut onions/garlic around house/bedroom overnight and then remove from home

• After Clearing, for 3 days, lay clothing on fresh turned earth to release negative magnetism

• NO sleeping pills, herbs, aids to induce sleep because person will go too deep into sleep, where they are most vulnerable.

Aromatherapy: use in a diffuser or on a cottonball by the bed

Pine--protective; highly intuitive people; acts as filter and barrier of negative forces

Ginger--strengthens auric field

Cedarwood--clears negativity, grounding

Grapefruit--high vibration, connecting angels & archangels


Hyssop--psychic defense, clears home, calms anxiety

Palmorosa--clears auric field and anxiety

Anise Star--blocks nightmares 

•  In a saucer, pour white camphor and vinegar, set saucers around room to stop condensation of etheric energy (stops entities from taking form, lesser degree entities) •  Research the history of the property: checking for suicides, murders, burial grounds, violent activity •  Avoid Ouija boards, or any magic conjuring spirits/gods/goddesses •  Keep house smudged with sacred sage weekly     Smudge self and environment with sacred sage     Put sea salt around all doorways and corners and property lines.

Professional Shamanic Extractions/Entity Removals

In regard to healing ourselves, it can be very difficult to be objective.  Also, because the entity attachment may have been connected to us for so long, it may feel like “this is just the way that I am”.  Sometimes entities may be attached from other lifetimes in binding contracts and oaths; thus, an Akashic Record reading is included in the clearing. 

It is strongly advised that everyone hire a skilled professional to get at least one clearing in their lifetime.  

Charis Farfalla's clearings will remove, clear, and return the entity/curse/psychic hook and break all oaths/contracts (see above list) returning them back to Source through specific techniques, prayer and command.  Clearings of individuals are done over the phone.  Time 1.5 hour, which includes an Akashic Record reading.  Please send full name, dob, and picture of person being cleared. Preparation: choose a day when your activity is light; eat a very light meal or fast before your session, drink copious amounts of water (before and after your session).

Individual Clearings done by phone:

Price: $150  


**Combo Package: Shamanic Entity Extraction & Home Clearing & Blessing: $350

Note: Land that has been used as a sacred site or burial ground will most likely never be permanently cleared. Do your homework before renting or buying property.

Shamanic Soul Retrieval

During times of crisis: entity attachment, trauma, surgeries, accidents and chronic illness, bits and pieces of our soul freeze in time, separating from our ongoing, living physical form.  These splits can last a lifetime, causing a physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual weakness in the person.  In  addition, soul fragments may be lost in relationships and stressful interactions with others.

As with entity removal, the soul retrieval should be performed on every individual at least once in a lifetime--especially after a trauma, which includes entity attachment.

Professional Soul Retrieval Services

Charis Farfalla's Soul Retrievals include retrieving a power animal to help strengthen the etheric body (aura), as well as release, cleanse, and return soul fragments to the client and the opposite party involved.   These soul retrievals affect all generations of time.  Done as a follow up session after entity clearing session (see above). Session is done by phone.  1 hour

Professional Soul Retrieval Price:  $125

Combo package Soul Retrieval & Entity Removal Price $275 done in person or remotely

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