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by Ashley Matty on Blank Business Name

I am very much a skeptic of those claiming to be psychics, having bad experience with a phony one in the past. However, a couple of weeks ago, my friend was in town and wanted to go see a psychic for a tarot card reading. We found Mystical Empress's information online, called Brenda and made our appointments for later that afternoon. My friend said it would be more fun if we both got readings, so I reluctantly agreed. We arrived for our appointments and were greeted by Brenda, who was very warm and welcoming. She has a very calming energy that immediately put us at ease. We had our readings done one at a time (privately), and I was completely blown away with mine (as was my friend, after her reading). She knew so much about me and spoke of things in specifics - things that would have been impossible for her to know on her own, but somehow she knew. She is incredibly insightful and I believe she is truly gifted. I also want to add that although I've been reading Google reviews for years, this the first review I've ever posted, because I felt compelled to do so after meeting her. That's how good she is. Thank you, Brenda - I'll be back!

by Dalia Diaz on Blank Business Name

Brenda is a blessing in my life, she is a magical woman whom with her wisdom have the ability to change lifes! She is a wonderful teacher, her knowledge is vast, but she is also very sweet and patient! As a Psychic she is very intuitive and her readings are very accurate! She helped my sister in México to get out of a long depression with a wonderful reading. She is also very committed to her work, respectful, and kind. Thanks Brenda!!! Mystical Empress is a blessing 🙂 Dalia Diaz

Thank you so much Dalia! It has been my absolute pleasure to work with you and your family. xoxo Brenda Renee'

by Kendra Johnson on Blank Business Name

Mystical Empress is amazing! Brenda is by far one of the most connected, caring, beautiful souls I've had the privilege of meeting. Looking forward to the Mystical Empress Halloween reading event! -Kendra Johnson

Thank you very much Kendra:) I look forward to seeing you SOON!!! 🙂

by Michelle Hill Masters on Blank Business Name

My husband and I have been doing couple life coaching with Mystical Empress and I can not sing my praises enough. I have watched my husband start dreaming again. We try very hard to shift our thought frequencies to those that are positive. Instead of the " nothing good ever happens to us" ones we emitted in the past. She taught us that. I can not put a price on the changes that she has guided us to with a loving and understanding spirit. 5 stars from myself and husband included! We love you Mystical Empress you my dear are the real deal. Michelle Hill Masters

Ohhh Michelle, beautiful! That my eyes water! I couldn't do it without amazing, receptive clients like you & Mark<3

by Mike Eccher on Blank Business Name

Brenda is so amazing and talented. She brings blunt honesty and gracefully delivers with love and healing. Her knowledge is vast amongst the stars and she can teach you to empower yourself to meet any goal, dream or wish you may desire. She will bring out the best in you and your life will be changed for the highest good of all. A truly talented and gifted woman. Mike Eccher

Thank you Mike! I'm glad to see all the positive manifestations in your life since that very first reading. I don't think you'll be needing any more! You're doing GREAT! Keep up the good work!

by Lawana Lightsey on Blank Business Name

Brenda, My Astrology Chart was even more than I'd hoped for! I gained better understanding of some of my life's experiences and of some of my deepest desires not yet expressed. I feel like I've found a treasure map! I would recommend the Astrology Personality Chart to anyone seeking a deeper understanding of their life's purpose. My deepest gratitude for the time and insight you've given. You have been such a valuable part of my life. I'm so excited about this amazing journey! With a Thankful Heart, Lawana

by Michelle O. on Blank Business Name

Brenda Renee' you havebeen such a blessing inmy life! You've given meso much insight.  Ifollowed your direction,and it has made all thedifference in mypersonal relationships!I love you! Michelle O.

by Shirley L. on Blank Business Name

With thanksgiving I recognize you astrue maternal energy.  You mirrorGaia's vision perfectly.  There is neverany accusation or admonition in yourguidance, only encouragement andexcitement for my vision to expressbeyond my limits.  You patiently leadme to consider my options.  You say to me,"Now Shirley, what about this..." ,with motherly gentleness.  You alwayssense my energy fingerprint and speakto me from there, not your own.  Youspeak life, then release me to higherrealms of possible manifestations topaint the music of the spheres!  Mydear friend, there is no way to givenumber to the children you havebirthed, nurtured and released tomirror back to all creation the beautyand grace of Gaia.  May this truth beyour constant companion.Love, Shirley L.

"I will have to tell you how accurate you were with your readings.  You are amazing!" AT

by Luanne P. on Blank Business Name

Dear Brenda, thank you so much for the Astrology Personality Chart. Thank you for spending so much time on it.  It is really a wealth of information!  It's wonderful to understand aspects of myself that I have not understood before! Luanne P.

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