My princess (2) Quantum Life Coaching Workshops and Individual Classes for Self Empowerment & Personal Growth

Pre-Adult Quantum Life Coaching Workshops

These Pre-Adult and Adult self empowerment Quantum Life Coaching Workshops take each student on a quantum ride toward their heart's desires. Please call 720.965.0062 for scheduling.

Flower Fairy Pre-Adult

Workshop Series:
Viola:inspiring polite, respectful social
Sunflower:building self esteem through astrology, numerology
and healthy boundaries
Rose: creating respectful win/win relationships with peers and dates
Dandelion: learning deliberate manifesting and dream building

Pre-Registration requested.
$50 pre-class or $65 at the door.
Workshops last 2 hours


Pre-Adult Quantum Life Coaching Workshops focus on helping young people develop their self empowerment, while keeping a strong line of communication with their Higher (s)Elves. Through law of attraction & quantum shifting applications, students are taught the value of self help & self nurturance. Each workshop applies various learning styles: kinesthetic, visual, & aural.


Adult Quantum Life Coaching Workshops

These life transforming, in-depth life coaching workshops bring you to the core of your manifestations, replacing blocked, habitual patterns and building personal development tools. Law of Attraction & Quantum Shifting techniques are employed in a variety of fun, experiential  techniques.  Information is delivered in several learning styles: visual, aural & kinesthetic to insure that all attendees gain the maximum benefit of the classes.



27718_423404748831_1432859_n Upcoming Workshop

"Discovering Your True Essence"

2 Choices:

October 29th  10-4pm $95.00

November 5th 10-4pm $95.00


As many of you have come to me for help in your psychic growth, I am offering this workshop to help you begin your unique psychic adventure. 

This workshop discusses a variety of metaphysical topics:

* Dropping blocks/conditioning against psychic skills

* Aura protection, aura clearing

* Psychic etiquette/vampirism

* Energy principles: law of attraction, quantum physics

* Psychic phenomenon

*Safety practices in psychic work

*Divining Tools:

Tarot review of minor/major arcana symbolism, spreads,

Astrology—review of 10planets, 12astrological signs and 12 houses as pertaining to natal astrological wheel,

Numerology—life path, soul expression, personality number

Pendulums—divining tool used in making choices/decisions


For more information on workshop schedules, please call: 720.965.0062