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Mystical Empress 2018 Workshops

Hosted by Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

5/19, 2pm-6pm “Mystical Empress Magical Relationships”

Based on her book, Brenda will teach you the quantum physics secrets behind manifesting your ideal personal and professional relationships. You will easily learn quantum energy techniques to: *choose alternate particle versions of you and your relationships *shift timelines *neural net brain re-wiring *review early family dynamics as relationship prototypes *design & attract love relationships *align with soul mate relationships *improve personal/professional relationships *understand life cycles that influence relationships *navigate relationship endings *learn to use psychic tools in relationships: telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairolfaction, clairsentience *maintaining relationships beyond the veil. Cost $60 and includes a FREE copy of Brenda’s book!

Admission $60

6/24, 10-1pm “Enchanted Fairy Realm”

Celebrating Summer Solstice, the fey’s favorite time of the year!

Learn: *various species of fairies & mythical creatures *fairy lore around the world *understanding fairy culture *attracting fairies to your home & garden *growing fairy herbs and flowers. Refreshment: Fairy Treats made with fresh fairy herbs!

Admission $30

7/29 10-1pm “The Magical Manifesting House”

We will look at applying Western Feng Shui techniques to your home.

Learn: *5 elemental balance *Art & Symbols in the home *Bagua Map placement for your home blueprint (bring a sketch of your home’s floor plan) *feng shui cures & enhancements *numerological address meanings*Registration includes a FREE feng shui cure for your home!

8/26 10-2pm “Astrology: Key to Your Personal Universe”

In this beginner’s class, learn: *symbolism of the 10 planets, 12 zodiac signs and 12 houses in the natal chart *meaning of your top 3 personality indicators: Sun, Moon, Rising Sign *your career/abundance talents, love/marriage attractors, & soul purpose *At pre-registration, your dob, place and exact time of birth will be requested to print a copy of your natal astrology chart for class review

9/23 10-1pm “Understanding Your Totem Plants & Animals”

Happy Fall Equinox! Learn: *symbolism of the natural world *guided meditation to meet one of your totem animals/plants *working with your personal totems *fall equinox release ceremony

Refreshment: Fall goodies!

10/28 10-2pm “Designing Your Day of the Dead Altar”

In this workshop, we will create altars honoring our transitioned loved ones. I will bring altar supplies, and you will bring mementoes associated with your loved ones. Pre-registration is required, as altar supplies will be gathered based on attendee participation. Refreshment: Halloween treats!

11/11 10-12pm “Interpreting Neptune’s Dreams”

Learn: *universal dream lore *symbolism: subconscious dream language *dream journaling * understanding repeating dream theme meanings *interpreting your dreams *bring one of your dreams for interpretation

12/2 10-2pm “My Miniature Fairy Garden”

With Winter Solstice being the quiet season of the fey, we will be designing our own fairy world in teacups and other small containers. As time allows, guided fairy world meditation. Pre-registration required, as fairy garden supplies will be gathered based on attendee participation.

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*** Call 720-965-0062 with any questions. Sending you many Mystical Blessings! *** 

Meet Mystical Empress—Published author Brenda Renee’ holds a Bachelor's of Liberal Arts in Legal Studies, a Masters in Metaphysics, and professional certification in Feng Shui. She is an astrologer, shaman, feng shui practitioner, horticulturist, artist, actress, and intuitive. She has written for various new age magazines, such as Indigo Sun, Transformations, and her monthly “Feng Shui Q&A” for Delta Style Magazine. She's spent 19 years in private consulting & teaching. She partners with God, angelic helpers, totem animals, the plant & mineral kingdom, star beings, and the fairy realm in her consulting, writing and workshops. The Mystical Empress guides her clients with a tapestry of creative, holistic, spiritual talents that are woven into her: shamanism, quantum life coaching, intuitive readings, astrological charts and Feng Shui consultations. She shows you how easy it is to blend quantum energy techniques into your personal needs and dreams! She is a powerful spiritual guide for your soul’s path. To learn more about Mystical Empress Brenda Renee’s services & workshops, please go to or write Brenda Renee’ at

Pre-Adult Quantum Life Coaching Workshops

These Pre-Adult and Adult self empowerment Quantum Life Coaching Workshops take each student on a quantum ride toward their heart's desires. Please call 720.965.0062 for scheduling.

Flower Fairy Pre-Adult

Workshop Series:
Viola:inspiring polite, respectful social
Sunflower:building self esteem through astrology, numerology
and healthy boundaries
Rose: creating respectful win/win relationships with peers and dates
Dandelion: learning deliberate manifesting and dream building

Pre-Registration requested.
$50 pre-class or $65 at the door.
Workshops last 2 hours


Pre-Adult Quantum Life Coaching Workshops focus on helping young people develop their self empowerment, while keeping a strong line of communication with their Higher (s)Elves. Through law of attraction & quantum shifting applications, students are taught the value of self help & self nurturance. Each workshop applies various learning styles: kinesthetic, visual, & aural.


Adult Quantum Life Coaching Workshops

These life transforming, in-depth life coaching workshops bring you to the core of your manifestations, replacing blocked, habitual patterns and building personal development tools. Law of Attraction & Quantum Shifting techniques are employed in a variety of fun, experiential  techniques.  Information is delivered in several learning styles: visual, aural & kinesthetic to insure that all attendees gain the maximum benefit of the classes.



For more information on workshop schedules, please call: 720.965.0062